Age of Ash

1- Elven magic mutates both animal and plant life creating what is known as today as monsters.

5-As their weakened allies become over-run by monsters, Ironblood and Dwarves seal off their mountain domains to protect themselves.

200- As two century long winter ends, most major nations have vanished with only small fortified villages surviving.

228-Village’s begin pushing outward desperate for supply’s with villages coming together quickly to fight back against monsters.

310- Elven city;s which sealed themselves off via powerful barriers rejoin the world, carving out small empires of their own threatening a return to the old days.

315- Elven city’s declare war on themselves refusing to give up the chance to take command of the entire race.

450- Ironbloods and dwarves rejoin the surface races, quickly putting down dozens of elven city-states before they can become a threat.

611-The Elves of the south-western coast form a desperate alliance based from their ancient capital to survive the onslaught of Ironbloods, beating back the force and beginning to reclaim a small measure of the power they once had declaring themselves the second Elven Empire.

780- The Dragon gods reawaken from their hibernation to retake command of humanity.

820-The dragon god Folt, and the elven god Yntarr engage in direct combat forming a 30-mile wide crater in the process of killing both.

999-Aldegund The Liberator is born to the Sancti clans under a sky of falling stars in the heartland of the last pocket of the second elven empire.

Age of Ash

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