Age of Blood

A time of constant conflict, the age of blood is counted as the downfall of the elven people as the other races of the land free themselves from slavery and topple the elven empire.

5-The first humans begin migrating from the southern coast northward eventually coming into contact with the elves and are quickly enslaved, due to their quick breeding and survivability they become the new favored slave of the empire.

23- High-King Bjornolf is slain in combat breaking the combined dwarven army ushering in a mass retreat of dwarven forces.

48-Humans begin rapidly adapting to their new environments forming the new human bloodlines, elves promote it to gain more varied slaves.

83- Mass numbers of dwarves move further underground then ever traveled to escape elven onslaught abandoning dozens of city’s and thousands of small villages.

102-Free human villages form in vicinity of dragon nets to avoid slave hunters.

158-Cults of dragon worshipers begin forming in human villages.

215-Human kind known as Ironblood kill their slave-masters and march to the former dwarven city of Kara’Kaltok, taking it from the elves and cutting supply’s/reinforcements to underground elven forces.

221- Remaining dwarves unite once again and eliminate elven forces in their tunnels, retaking most of their former kingdom and gifting the Ironbloods Kara’Kaltok for their unintended help
367-Due to heretical relationship between an elven female and male slave the first half-elf is born.

382- Ironblood wage guerrilla war against elven kind from the mountains, freeing great numbers of humans,.

438-Fueled by human worship, the first dragon god ascends into sentience declaring itself a god of humanity and begins carving a human kingdom to the east of the Kor’gathi mountains out of sight of elves.

582-Slave hunters record unprecedented number of slaves vanishing with even arcane tracking spells unable to discover them.

610-Elven scouts discover fledgling human nation in the east attacking shortly after, marking first official human-elven war.

640-Numerous races including, Una-kai, goblins, minotaurs, ironbloods and others join the war against the elven empire for freedom as rebellions are led across the entire empire.

750-Elves begin to overwhelm the rebellion, victory is all but declared.

823-Playing his trump card, the Dragon God Fult creates and unleashes plague that infects all elves but the Una-kai. Pushing the race to the edge of extinction ushering the fall of the empire leaving only pockets.

999-Seeking mutual destruction what pockets remain of the empire use their magical knowledge to unleash the full wrath of nature against the rebels, wiping out most major civilizations on the continent in an endless winter.

Age of Blood

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