Age of Deamons

01-holy men from across the world shudder in fear as their gods vanish from the material realm

05-The stars and moon vanish from the night for one year

15-Contact with the Gods return with little answer to their disappearance

Undead levels begin to rise in northen city states

74-The Divides civil war intensity’s as nations begin using necromancers to harness undead armys for pay

86-Three additional dwarven citys become silent cutting all contact with surface and sister citys
105-Church of the Seven moons is established by Divine Helek

120-Draconic cults begin to spread unchecked in northen citys

154-Previously unknown human island nation of San Gou breaks their isolation and invades the Republic of Alsaro

162-Alsaro Republic falls to San Gou invasion force

174-Rebel groups cause chaos among San Gou forces as they prepare to invade the Sanctus Imperium

187-San Gou is repelled back to their insland nation by Alsaro Rebels and the 9th Imperium Legion led by Lord Marshal Atticus

215- Current Year

Age of Deamons

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