Age of Steel

19-Aldegund takes control of his clan after both his father and 8 brothers are murdered in negotiations with the second elven empire. Begins negotiating and conquering both allies and enemy clans to gather under his banner to take vengeance.

23- Aldegund establishes full control over the Sancti people of the lonely hills and begins marching on elven city’s both inhabited and abandoned eventually settling in them.

27-Elven kind retreats further east towards the island chain’s were to escape the persecution led by their former slaves.

30-Leading an army of 75,000 warriors of various races Aldegund captures the ancient elven capital claiming it as his own and invoking the birth of the Sanctus Imperium.with himself as it’s emperor.

35-Draconic cults pouring from the east begin to face persecution form elven survivors and a holy war begins once more but end’s quickly as the newel born sanctus imperium sends its army to wipe out both forces.

45-Aldegund wages personal battle against the dragon gods of old, killing the pantheon himself.

50- A undead plague lead by vampires claiming to be from a nation known as Volikar begins to spread in the forest of chall claiming dozens of villages

80-Aldegund leads his personal guard in the “Undead Purge” to save his nation from the growing threat.

82-Aldegund falls in combat in the final battle between the undead and Sanctus, claiming the entire coven of vampires in his death.

102-Gnomes,Minotaurs, half-elves, orcs, goblins and other non-human(with the exception of pure blood high elves) races are granted equal citizenship due to documents being discovered of their support of the humans during the Age of Blood

125-Colonist spread northward begin settling old elven city’s and establishing their own which would eventually lead to the creation of the first city states.

210-Elves treated like second class citizens rebel against the city-state of Oldkeep in the attempt to gain equal treatment but are quickly put down and survivors are thrown out.

320-The remaining pure-blood elves begin settling the islands to the west , establishing the nation of Uteos along side the lizardmen were they continue to practice their culture without persecution.

420-Witch Hunters begin to walk the land killing and torturing magic users without provocation focusing on those who practice divination.

480-Other then military controlled magic users magic has virtually vanished from the common mans life due to the persecution of magic users.

600-Witch hunters and the persecution of magic users is revealed to be demonic plot led by a cultist named Elbere to strip the mortal plane of its magical defenses in order to invade it.

623-United in a single cause the nations of the world push back the demonic invasion with the help of a group of hero’s known as the “Vigilant”

732-As nations continue to recover from the demonic invasion a minor breach is discovered showing that smaller breaches between planes naturally exist.

999-Minor earthquakes begin to occur annually every month

Age of Steel

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