Age of Stone

1-The city-state of Oldkeep suffers as half the city sinks beneath the stone.

38-Earthquakes become significantly more common and severe

92- The beast races led by a goblin named Jelpick migrate enmass to the Khalazar wasteland to form their own nation in the southern deserts.

143-The death of the majority of the royal family of the Imperium leaves a child on the throne acting as a puppet to the “Tyrant Emperor” Belacal a rogue imperial magistrate

145-the Tryant Emperor’s laws that restrict the Warriors castes rights pushes them eastward towards the border were they consolidate their power and ponder civil war.

153-After 236 attempts on his life the Tryant Emperor is killed by a group of loyalist assassins.

162-With the continued severity of earthquakes several city’s begin to sink into the ground as fault lines begin to open up then suddenly halt.

164-the city-states led by Incarnum fund an expedition below ground lead by the dwarves to discover the source of the earthquakes but are never heard from again. All future expeditions are post-pond

174-Surface races take notice of the sudden halt of earthquakes that have plagued the world for the past Age. Deep dwarfs break onto the surface for the first time in 3 Ages.

175-the Deep and Mountain dwarves reunite and reform the dwarven hemogeny declaring their people whole once more.

178- Using massive mineral wealth, Deep dwarves buy land from 4 different kingdom to form their own city’s closer to the surface.

182-Underground dwarven city’s with the aid of the surface races begin establishing trade tunnels connecting major city’s throughout the world.

459-As the late king of Eaglestep dies his sons begin civil war splitting the nation in half

513-Dwarven Hemogeny undergo’s protectorate statue of the Sanctus Imperium giving dwarfs imperial citizenship as the catastrophe of the black mountain decimates southern dwarf population

540-4th expansion of Dwarven Hemogeny capital marks it as worlds largest city

753-First Black moon ever is recorded as all dead touched by its rays are reborn as undead

754-Necromancers failed attempt to take control of newly risen undead leads to a majority of the undead to die once again

838-Second Sanctus attempt to conquer Khalazar wasteland fails

892-The nation of Thaugrin’s last king dies under mysterious circumstances and civil war is declared as his children fith over the thrown blaming each other for his death.

999-Dwarven city of Kal-Gel beneath Boarsrush go’s silent cutting all ties with the surface world and other dwarven citys

Age of Stone

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