Human Bloodlines


Before humanity were enslaved and changed by the old elves into the various bloodlines that make up the race today. Human kind were a single people living within the boundary’s of the southern continent known as the ‘shadowlands’ for time unknown, a hellish continent were magic is said to have gone insane. Here they wandered in nomadic tribes escaping the ever changing landscape as mountains became lakes reverting to great chasms in the earth in a constant battle between the forces of nature. It is still not known to this day how early humanity survived the landscape that sought to kill them only that they eventually left in a mass migration to the southern coast of Aggarrath were they would eventually meet the elves.


Leaving the shadowlands enmass for reasons known only to themselves , the bulk of humanity landed in what would become in modern day the Khalazar Wasteland. Taking to the then tropical jungles, a lush and comforting new home compared to their previous residence, the human tribes flourishing becoming numerous and vast, expanding ever northward over time ,past the safety of the jungles as their numbers became to great for the land to sustain as it begun it’s slow descent into the desert lands it is today.

It was these northern tribes that first met the elven people, periodically at first as the paranoid human tribes evaded elven scouts but as forces of thousands descended onto the khalazar evasion was no longer a choice. With their superior technology coupled with the strange force of magic the elves quickly overran humanity chaining them to the empire as slaves and beginning the slow change that would see a single race fractured into the modern day humanity.


Under the iron boots of the elves, humanity’s numbers grew as breeding farms were established and magic used to quicken their aging and change them into the splinter races we know today. Within a decade of their enslavement humanity covered every corner of the continent just as their elven masters and soon replaced the beastmen in the fields, the dwarves in the minds and even lesser elves in the homes of their masters becoming the favored slave and a fashion statement for many a high breed elf. While most pockets of free humans were hunted down and enslaved a select few found safety beneath the nests of dragons, becoming the first of the dragon cults that would see the great beasts ascend into godhood. These new gods would usher their people to infiltrate elven society laying the foundation for an uprising of humanity to free them from the shackles of the elves and place them beneath te dragons might.

Infiltrating the masses, little by little a rebelling was being stirred by the ‘favored’ slave’s. Weapons smuggled into the arms of lesser men, magical texts being deciphered and taught until humanity finally broke free in open rebellion plunging the entire elven empire into chaos. Joined by the other slave races and what few pockets of free people existed during the time humanity broke the grip of the elves and ended their control of Aggarrath.

Modern Day

p.Replacing the elves as the dominant race of the eastern portion of the continent, stopped only by the Kor’Gathi Mountains that split the land inhalf, humanity is fractured by borders, faith, culture and race. They have forgotten the unity that once existed among themselves and fight for control of their brethren, while ever expanding their borders greedily as they are never satisfied with what they have. And while some nations and people are content to live and let live, the friction between nations and the ever growing threat of ancient enemy’s recently renewed threaten a global war were none are safe.


Unlike the elves, dwarves and many other races of the continent, it is not known what gods created humanity in the Age of Creation for there are none that would claim them as their own. And while humanity has adopted many gods and faiths as their own there is no single faith that unites the human race, leaving many to call them the ‘godless people’.

Human Bloodlines

  • Sancti-The Fierce
  • Explora- The Free
  • Vaug- The Hounds
  • Sandara- The Bound
  • Dar Kin-The Tainted
  • Ironblood- The Feared
  • Orge-The Dulled

Human Bloodlines

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