Age of Silver

The Age of Silver is considered by many a elf to be the golden age of their people. For it is a time of great magical and technological advancement as their ancient empire lays claim upon the whole of Aggarrath and their race is whole.Much of this time’s history has been lost to time.

1 – The first great elven city’s and their gods overcome their feud with the assistance of a man known as “The Traveler” and join together to form the elven empire.

48-The city of Maratelhal is founded as a holy city were elven gods are worshiped as a single pantheon.

102- The borders of the empire expand further north and south, as great city’s are raised through magic in a matter of days the empire commands each corner of the continent.

158-Magical advancements shared between the city’s see elves changing themselves physically to better themselves.

215-certain magical enhancements become wide spread among certain professions laying the foundation of what will become the dynasty’s.

367-The first child is born naturally with the enhancements of her parents.

437-The caste system is established to regulate the larger population of natural born enhanced to reduce mutation due to mix breeding.

584-With the support of the Herfen caste, the Alfars take control of the empire stating it is their divine right to rule as declared by the gods.

610-The Una-Kai rebellions are put down with mental control’s being magically woven into their blood so they would forever bE subservient to the upper castes.

750- Magical upliftment of lesser races begin to form new slaves creating the races of; Minotaur, Satyr, Anaroak, Lizardmen, and others.

792-War with the Dwarven Hegemony is declared as the empires thirst for more slave and resources grows deeper.

823-All communication with the north is lost as the city which acted as the gateway to the north; Veloon falls to plague.

Elves take the dwarven city of Kara’Kaltok, using it as beach-head into the Kor’gathi mountains.

999- The First human boats from the Shadowlands, land on the southern border of Aggarath.

Age of Silver

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